COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOME in Lahug, Cebu is the first funeral home that I visited that impressed me. It’s way too much different from the usual funeral homes that I visited in Manila. They use couches, not the typical wooden long chairs you usually see in wakes. You’ll feel comfortable, the ambiance is really different. Their staffs are very accommodating and not to mention their uniforms, they look like flight attendants, if not, like the hostess in a hotel attending to your needs. I’m very impressed. You won’t feel you’re in a funeral home. I actually don’t like going to funeral homes well who love going there right? My being there was because I was visiting my family’s loss loved one. I just can’t help but share this weird happiness I found in such an uncommon place of gathering. Made me realize that things aren’t really limited to what you usually see, not because it is what you always see, things should always be that way. You really need to think different and make it happen to stand out!