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COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOMES INC. is the name that lives in more than half a century of committed service and care of our deceased love ones. Its name created an impact among Cebuano families and forms part of their existence and with it is the assurance that in time of grief, COSMOPOLITAN CARES.

The Cosmopolitan Standard of service that touches the lives of the grieving Filipino families in times of grief is what sets COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOMES INC. apart from the rest. It is the genuine passion for service that fuels COSMOPOLITAN to be in the HALLMARK of funeral servicing in more than six decades.

True to its commitment the management and staff of COSMOPOLITAN as envisioned and molded by its owner and its entire family continue to be in the forefront to promptly extend its quality funeral service not only to the Cebuano’s but to the entire Filipino people as a nation.

To top it all, COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOMES offers an unequalled facilities and service that becomes envy within the funeral industry. The sprawling and elegant high end building situated in the heart of Cebu metropolis and the most envied most elegant CRYSTAL PALACE that is second to none are living proofs of the COMMITMENT that COSMOPOLITAN declares.

Strings of funeral wakes and events civil in nature of prominent personalities and other significant events took place in the crystal palace. The most recent among those was the Wake and Burial of the late VICE GOVERNOR GREGORIO SANCHEZ which was considered one of the most significant event that took place in the palace.

The COSMOPOLITAN legacy of funeral service that becomes an inspiration and envy to all the players in the industry caters not only to the prominent but likewise encompassing to all walks of life.

True to its commitment and desire to be of service to the Cebuano Families and to the entire Filipino Nation and peoples regardless of CREED, RACE, or RELIGION. The COSMOPOLITAN strictly adheres to its CORPORATE GOALS with HIGH regards on its SOCIAL and MORAL RESPONSIBILITIES in order come up with an encompassing Standard of Service that is truly COSMOPOLITAN.